About Us

About Us

The company SIA "DBEK siltums" was founded in 2020, with the aim of ensuring the availability of wide, high-quality heating products and services both in the domestic and export markets.  

The company's operation is based on a strong understanding of the specifics of the industry, both in terms of quality and customer service. Our team consists of industry experts with extensive experience in heating product sales, therefore we always guarantee prompt and professional service according to customer requirements.  

Thanks to extensive cooperation with local and international producers, SIA DBEK Siltums is able to guarantee high-quality production, as well as stable and regular deliveries.  

The company has a constantly growing assortment, which is provided by a professional team, paying special attention to both the technical parameters of the product, the quality of services, and the specifics of the market, providing customers with the most financially advantageous solution.  

The DBEK Siltums team will provide full service services, starting from fuel delivery, up to installation of heating boilers and maintenance of heating systems.


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Our Team

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